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LISTEN TO THE FIRST SINGLE “Phoebe, the Yodeling Cowgirl” from the upcoming UnXpected album with Phoebe White and the legendary RIDERS IN THE SKY, released date TBA

LISTEN TO A TRACK “Yodeling Blues ((Down in the Valley)” from the upcoming UnXpected album with Phoebe White and the McLAIN FAMILY BAND, released date TBA

What is unexpected is she’s only 12 years old.

When WoodSongs did our 1000th broadcast, RIDERS IN THE SKY were my special guests. I like to have kids on every broadcast, but what kid could perform on the same stage as a major American act on a huge event like a 1000th broadcast of a syndicated, live audience radio and TV program? We found a little Kentucky girl in the foothills of Appalachia that could hold her own, keep her composure and yodel like Ranger Doug.

It was Phoebe White.

When I was asked to help produce Phoebe’s album we wanted songs that did more than reveal her obvious talent, we wanted songs that would place a 12 year in the same historic stature of the legends that came before her. We needed an album that would present her as a musical princess of America’s front porch.

What is unexpected is a youngster from the foothills of Appalachia could passionately reintroduce the music of America’s cowboy past with the same elegance and power of Roy & Dale, Patsy Cline, Jimmy Rogers and Patsy Montana.

What is unexpected is the Grammy winning stars of stage, screen and the Grand Ole Opry, RIDERS IN THE SKY would immediately agree to be part of this album. What is unexpected was their genuine kindness, even changing the lyric of their big “Toy Story” hit, from “Jesse …” to “Phoebe, the Yodeling Cowgirl”.

What is unexpected is a legacy bluegrass group like the McLAIN FAMILY BAND would jump on board and perform so seamlessly alongside Riders In The Sky.

What is unexpected is a 12 year old girl can sing these complicated yodeling songs … her solo performance of most of these songs were done virtually in one take. Her solo piece of “If I Could Only Learn to Yodel” was done with one mic, one track, one take, no edits.

What is unexpected is how effortlessly a 12 year old can go from the “BOO HOO BLUES” to a banjo rendition of Uncle Dave Macon’s “OVER THE MOUNTAIN” and then completely shock you with her vocal texture on a historic piece like PRAIRIE WOMAN (originally titled Black Woman but I changed the lyrics because, well, she’s 12).

It was more than amazing … it was unexpected.

Michael Johnathon
folksinger, friend

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Phoebe White and RIDERS IN THE SKY on the WoodSongs 1000th broadcast at the Lyric Theatre in Lexington, KY (photo by Larry Neuzel)