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Watch the 4 minute presentation video below

SONGS OF RURAL AMERICA Michael Johnathon from WoodSongs in the Classroom on Vimeo.


“Songs of Rural America” booking in 2019-2022

This is a fully orchestrated concert presenting the spirit, story, tradition and songs about rural America. Turn your symphony stage into a majestic front porch … merge the massive rural audience into the classical world. Concert length is adjustable from 30 minute to 2 hours. Event includes rehearsal day prior and day of concert.

INFORMATION, BOOKING or QUESTIONS Email: radio @ woodsongs dot com or call 859-255-5700 EST for details.



CHARTS, CONDUCTOR’S SCORE AND LIBRARY are available for the entire orchestra

WRITTEN/ARRANGED/PERFORMED by MICHAEL JOHNATHON READ Michael Johnathon’s bio HERE… as heard on public radio nationwide, PBS-TV stations coast-to-coast and RFD-TV across north America.

ORCHESTRAL ARRANGEMENTS by JOSHUA CARTER, a composer, orchestral arranger, keyboardist and songwriter living in Nashville, TN. He has written arrangements for a wide range of artists across multiple genres including Ben Folds, Julie Roberts, Chris Young, Maty Noyes, and most recently folk singer-songwriter Michael Johnathon. His arrangements have been performed by the Nashville Symphony, as well as several orchestras in Europe and Japan.


Hear the opening of the actual symphony concert performed with the Ohio Valley Symphony Orchestra:


SHENANDOAH the opening overture of Songs Of Rural America …. full orchestra sample, the opening of the concert leading in the banjo composition FRONT PORCH SWING, a song that celebrates the rural spirit of home, neighbors and front porch music, performed with the Ohio Valley Symphony in Gallipolis OH

CARS …. full orchestra performance, celebrating the American automobile,

IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE …. full orchestra performance, the last song Buddy Holly recorded before getting on that plane that cold February night

NEW WOOD (Gone, Gonna Rise Again) …. full orchestra performance, written by Si Kahn in celebration of the spirit of Appalachia

VINCENT (Starry Starry Night) … full orchestra performance, the story of Van Gogh and his impact on American art is as breathtaking as the song itself



Premier Performance, filmed for Public TV; recorded for Public Radio