MOUSIE HIWAY: The Adventures of BANJO MOUSE in Appalachia

MOUSIE HIWAY is a children’s book that involves music, a good story, a fun character and a valid lesson. The story and accompanying CD introduces the sound of the banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dobro and bass to young ears in a fun way. Each book will include a CD with the story in audio-book format plus the song Mousie HiWay.

TEACHERS and HOME SCHOOL PARENTS: LESSON PLANS for K-4 and 5-7 are included with the book



INCLUDES A FREE COPY OF THE 23-song MOONFIRE Banjo Album if you order before May 1 … Call 859-255-5700 with a credit card, send a check for $18.95 plus 2.75 shipping  (21.70 total) to PoetMan Records PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588, PayPal $18.95 plus 2.75 shipping to or use this menu below (all credit cards work on it)


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MOUSIE HIWAY Story Book Audio

The MOUSIE HIWAY AUDIO book is a song that tells the story of the 32-page picture book. The recording features Kentucky bluegrass legends the McLAIN FAMILY BAND, Melissa Johnathon on front vocals,  and multi-award winner ROB ICKES on dobro.



The Adventures of Banjo Mouse in the Appalachian Mountains

 words and characters by Michael Johnathon

c2018 Rachel Aubrey Music, INC/BMI
Banjo Mouse
Fiddle Fox
Kitty Guitar
Doggy Dobro
Mando Moose
Little Bitty Beaver

This is the adventures of Banjo Mouse
He didn’t have a bed and he didn’t have a house
But he had a lot friends where ever he’d go
’cause he knew a bunch of songs on the ol’ banjo

Then one night in the Appalachian hills
He heard a lonesome sound and everything got still
In the silvery moon just sittin’ on a rock
He found a new friend named Fiddle Fox

Well, he and Fiddle Fox played all night long
They played a lot of tunes, sang a lot of songs
But when the sun came up they had no place to go
till they met a new friend named Doggy Dobro

When Doggy played the ‘bro he could bend those notes
He would bend them up high and bend them down low
with the fiddle and the banjo they would laugh and shout
It was a dream come true for Banjo Mouse

The whole band knew that something was a-missin’
You could hear it so plain, you could hear it if you listen
So they mumbled and they grumbled till they heard the truth
When up from a holler came Mando Moose

Mando Moose had mando luvin’
He could play his mandolin, even when he was a-runnin’
He could play it so fast he had everybody shoutin’
And it echoed through the hollers of Blue Moon Mountain

Now, Banjo Mouse knew they wouldn’t get far
They had a real fine band but they needed one more.
So he wondered and he pondered and he wished upon a star
And down from a hill came Kitty Guitar

She was a six-string Kitty that could pick and sing
Banjo Mouse could made the banjo ring
No one played the fiddle like Fiddle Fox could
and Doggy Dobro made the song sound good

But Banjo Mouse stopped and said “hey wait a minute…”
we have a real fine band but there’s something not in it
We all want to play a real big show
but the show won’t go unless we play it down low

And then though the bushes came a rumblin’ sound
it shook all the trees and it rattled the ground
and down from the mountain with a smile on his face
came Little Bitty Beaver with a great big bass

Well, from Blue Moon Mountain to the hollers all around
the people all gathered for that bluegrass sound
and they sang and they cheered again and again
Everybody loves the Mousie HiWay Band!