The PIRATE album will be released in early 2018. It is an acoustic folk-rock album, a musical statement about our modern life, world, society and politics. ASSASSINS IN THE KINGDOM was a monster of a song to record. Above is the CD cover and here are some pre-release samples.



The title song, a ballad, explores personal failure, yearning to be better and not quite reaching the golden ring. French horns, acoustic guitars and probably one of the best lyrics I was ever able to write. LISTEN HERE:




Written at the fall of the twin towers, it sat in my folder for several years. Lately, this dark, cryptic, gothic composition about War … Dylan meets Dan Fogelberg meets The Beatles meets Pink Floyd meets Eric Clapton … has come to life again. For me, an unusual recording but I wanted to keep in the ominous spirit of the lyrics.



I’m no Bela Fleck, but I love the banjo and I love writing on it. This is played all the way down the long neck open back Vega (Am) as an instrumental. I added a horn section and a rock band, thus the name “Cosmic Banjo.”





My protest song against hate and war. The world seems so angry these days, led by angry people who see past human need and are concerned more about their own power, influence and money. And yet, it’s always been this way.