The latest book by Michael Johnathon in the popular WoodSongs series is available for pre-order now. All books include The Painter CD album … and a free gift of the Songs of Rural America symphony album on CD.

WoodSongs 5 (176 pages, full color) explores the world of Vincent van Gogh, Pete Seeger, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Hank Williams, John Denver, Billie Holiday, Theo & Johanna van Gogh, Harry Chapin and many other “creatives.”

WoodSongs 5: A Folksinger’s Compendium & Van Gogh Reader

As a follow-up to the artistic, musical journey of The Painter album, comes the 176 page celebration of Vincent van Gogh and other artists, “WoodSongs 5: A Fireplace Compendium & Van Gogh Reader.”

DID YOU KNOW Van Gogh tried TWICE to give away “The Starry Night” painting as gifts, and twice the receiver did not like the painting enough to accept it? That rejected painting now has an insured value of over $1BILLION US, yet at the time it was considered worthless.

DID YOU KNOW the great artistic master Michelangelo died an unknown pauper?

From Vincent van Gogh to Pete Seeger, da Vinci to John Denver, Michelangelo to Billie Holiday, Bob Ross to Michael’s overview  of the current music world and more. WoodSongs 5 has the rare, seldom heard backstories of great artists at a time when creatives everywhere are struggling. A must read for every creative trying to navigate the new, digital world from the American folksinger pointing the way.

A BEAUTIFUL GIFT for every artist, painter, songwriter and lover of art.

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