You can use the brand new 32-page kids book Mousie HiWay as a fund raiser or donation to a school/public library! This is a musical project that will introduce K-7th grade kids to the banjo, bluegrass music and the instruments that play it.

INCLUDED INSIDE the 32-page full color illustrated book MOUSIE HIWAY: The Adventures of Banjo Mouse in the Appalachian Mountains” is a 6 1/2 minute acoustic hip-hop Appalachian bluegrass song that tells the story of of Banjo Mouse traveling the Appalachian mountains and forming a bluegrass band, complete with illustrations that Michael drew himself. The reason for this approach is to get kids who might not be familiar with bluegrass music to “want” to find out more. It also celebrates the Appalachian “front porch” heritage so dear to many in the mountain communities.

The 32-page full color book includes LESSON PLANS for classrooms and a CD of the audio book as well.

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To Donate to a School or Library:

DONATE MOUSIE HiWAY TO A SCHOOL OR LIBRARY! Do you care about music and art in schools? Do you want to encourage front porch music to students and kids? Donate a copy of Mousie HiWay to teachers, schools or libraries … Fill out the NAME of the school/library plus the address and WE WILL MAIL IT directly to them with a note saying it is a gift from you. They are $9.95 total post paid in the USA

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Use Mousie HiWay as a FundRai$er

The complete Mousie HiWay Book & CD Gift Set retails for $14.95 (without the MoonFire CD). You can buy them in lots of 10 books at a time for $7.50 each and make 100% profit. We will pay shipping in the USA on each 10-unit order. You must be a SongFarmers Chapter, a school, or any 501c3 charity to qualify. This is a great money maker for school fundraisers, music classes, student projects and can be used for instrument purchases, music gear, text books, field trips and more.

To organize your fund raiser (we supply 20 presentation sheets with each order) call 859-255-5700. Questions? email or use this PayPal button below:

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