Log Cabin Art Gallery – Own an original Painting!

I appreciate your interest in original art and the oil paintings.

This is a fundraising event for WOODSONGS KIDS TV and Radio Project and the WOODSONGS Classroom efforts.

Art purchases are TAX DEDUCTABLE to WoodSongs Inc (501-c-3). This is not an auction, you simply offer what you feel the paintings are worth. All suggestions are considered with gratefulness. SEE THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

All paintings are original works, framed with a brass name plate, autographed and dated on the back of each canvas. These are original canvases, NOT PRINTS. Your purchase will come with a signed certificate for tax purposes. You can keep, display, trade, re-sell, bequeath and donate as you wish. The artist, as customary in art transactions, retains the right of the image, reproduction and digital rights. VALUE: original art appreciates over time. What you buy for $750 or $1000 today can be worth $15,000 or more in a few years.

How do I purchase/make an offer online?

Look over the pictures and descriptions on this page. Most bids start at $350 and have been as high as $2,500 for the actual original paintings (not prints or copies) and that includes the cedar frame. We can ship to any address in the continental USA for $75 insured (foreign addresses are extra, sorry) Bid whatever makes you feel comfortable. You might be surprised!

STEP ONE: If you see a painting you would like to own, email with the painting title in the subject heading with your offer.

STEP TWO: If your kind offer is accepted you can call 859-255-5700 with a credit card or CLICK HERE , PayPal to, mail a check to WOODSONGS PO Box 200, Lexington KY 40588 or use the easy PayPal button BELOW. You can pick up your painting in person or we will ship the painting to you including the cedar frame, packed carefully and insured for $75

The Log Cabin Gallery

New & Available (plus the ones that Sold listed at the BOTTOM of this page)
VINCENT AT SUNSET this is a large, framed canvas 24×30″ MAKE AN OFFER


INSPIRATION 16×20″ oil on canvas, MAKE AN OFFER
VINCENT’S DREAM  28×36″” oil on canvas, it merges three of Van Gogh’s most famous works The Starry Night, Wheatfields and Starry Night on the Rhone. MAKE AN OFFER

WHAT MADE HIM SCREAM  18×24″” oil on canvas, a take off on the famous Mench painting. MAKE AN OFFER
MOONSCAPE  24×20″” oil on canvas MAKE AN OFFER
HURRICANE  24×20″” oil on canvas, MAKE AN OFFER

MORNING SONG  24×20″” oil on canvas, MAKE AN OFFER

THE STORM  24×20″” oil on canvas,  MAKE AN OFFER
OCEAN PRAYER  16×20″” oil on canvas,  MAKE AN OFFER
BANJO ON THE HUDSON  20×20″” oil on canvas,  MAKE AN OFFER
WINTER’S EVE 24×20 oil on canvas MAKE AN OFFER
SERIES OF DREAMS (large painting) 24″30″ oil on canvas MAKE AN OFFER

SONGBIRD SYMPHONY oil painting 10″x20″ framed canvas MAKE AN OFFER
STARRY NIGHT ON FIRE oil painting 18″x24″ framed canvas MAKE AN OFFER

THE FALLING AUTUMN LEAF (La Feuille d’Automne Qui Tombe)18×24″ oil on canvas and cedar frame MAKE AN OFFER
ROOSTER AT SUNRISE(Cog Au Lever Du Soleil) 16×20″ oil on canvas and cedar frame MAKE AN OFFER

SILENT HARVEST (Récolte Tranquille) 18×24″ oil on canvas with cedar frame MAKE AN OFFER
THE PAINTER ALBUM COVER 20″x20″ oil on canvas and cedar frame.
This is the album art for the full length album, “The Painter.” It is a song cycle about art, artists, love and life. The title cut is also for the theme song of the ongoing work on a motion picture script of the same name.

PETE: MY OLD BROWN EARTH18″w x 24″h canvas and cedar frame MAKE AN OFFER

WORLD WAVE 16″w x 20″h oil on canvas MAKE AN OFFER
VINCENT AT MIDNIGHT20″w x 16″h canvas MAKE AN OFFER a painting of Vincent van Gogh painting the painting of his famous Starry Night painting


Once your kind bid is accepted, you can call 859-255-5700 with a credit card or CLICK HERE Checks made out to WoodSongs (501-c-3) PO Box 200 Lexington KY 40588 PayPal for purchases to

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All original oil paintings (NOT PRINTS) by Michael Johnathon