Garden Of Silence is MJs 20th album of original songs, planned for release March 24, 2023 (PMR 70034)

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It starts with a song about the day Van Gogh passed away and concludes with a tribute to folksingers everywhere. On the journey between those two musical bookends are songs about Thoreau (Winter Song) the spirit of the front porch (Front Porch Symphony) Narcissism (Narcissistic Blues) dancing with your lover (September Eve) a tribute to Pete Seeger (Seeger Mashup) and the banjo-driven instrumental about the fragrant scent of earth following a rain fall (Petrichor) He composed ten of the eleven songs and produced all, his Martin guitar and long neck banjo are dominant throughout, textured with string quartets, Gazebo brass sections, piano and more.

Garden of Silence cover art

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Song Titles:

Garden of Silence 3:06
Hurricane 3:24
September Eve 1:50
Prodigal Son 2:34
Front Porch Symphony 3:09
Winter Song 2:48
Petrichor 2:55
Narcissistic Blues 2:27
The Farewell 3:01
Seeger Mashup 3:23
FolkSinger 2:52

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