This is a dream come true for any guitarist. … the Michael Johnathon model 0000-28s by the Martin Guitar Company of Nazareth, Pa, known as the WoodSongs QUAD 28s.

Michael Johnathon 0000-28s Signature Model by the Martin Guitar Company

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It is a finger picking canon … a custom designed, rare 12 fret 0000 with slot head Waverly tuners. The body is larger than a 000, the bass tones are huge and golden, the trebles are ringing and silver. It features herringbone trim, Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood sides and bottom, the WoodSongs logo is inlayed on the 9th fret. The inside label will be signed by Michael Johnathon and Chris Martin.

NOTE: This is a serious, pro-level instrument. It is a songwriting tool for performers and writers … and priced like it. The WoodSongs QUAD 28s not cheap but ding-dang worth it.


Thoughts about the guitar:

“I am primarily a finger-style guitarist and play 12-fret slot head Martin guitars exclusively. Always have. Here’s why: on a normal guitar when you strum a G chord you hear the wash of the chord tones. On the wider neck 12-fret Martin when you strum the same chord your hear the bell-like tones of the notes making up the chord. The clarity can be breath taking. It was those silver and golden bell-like tones merged with power and volume I was hoping for when thinking about the WoodSongs QUAD 0000-28s.

The 0000 body size is part of the guitars power. Bigger than the 000 and slightly smaller than a dreadnought it gives the best of both worlds. On the larger guitars like a D-35, the instrument sounds awesome in the room but every sound man on the planet has to EQ the low end down when you stand onstage. That alters the sound of the instrument dramatically, no matter what. The 000 size sounds perfect but the smaller body size makes you look like you gained a lot of weight. Thus slightly larger 0000-28s of the WoodSongs QUAD. The bass strings have crisp power and the high strings have the silvery bell tones of a beautiful instrument.

The WoodSongs QUAD has natural volume and a long, clean sustain. It’s a  pro instrument for a serious artist and song writer. Take a visit to,  and play one for yourself. This is truly the finest guitar I’ve ever heard and worth the investment in yourself and your music.



I’m asked a lot about two things: the medal on my jacket and the feather on my guitar. Let’s talk about the feather.

A few years ago a friend of mine was explaining his native American history and how they believed dreams were like living creatures carried on the wings of eagles. “How beautiful,” says I. So I went and found myself an Indian dream catcher with a feather on it, tied it to my guitar thinking, “Songs are like dreams, carried on the wings of voices.”

Sometime later, I was told a dream catcher is actually a sacred thing to many native Americans, who are actually offended by having them sold as cheap trinkets in tourist shoppes. “What about just a feather?” says I.

No problem.

So I found some hawk feathers, fashioned a away to hook them to my tuning gear and I’ve been letting them hang from my guitar and banjo ever since. To me, the feather signifies the spirit and heart of song, carried by the voices of the audience is if by an eagle, soaring high over us and beyond.

That’s what a good song should do …

Michael Johnathon, folksinger


The Guitar Strap

Slot head guitars need a special strap to be functional and to look good. All my Martin straps are hand made by Michael Armistead in Tennessee. Many may know his as the guitarist in Leroy Troy and the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. Thery are perfect for the Martin s-model guitars. You can visit him online at the  jug band website. go to the store and order it with PayPal. You can email Michael directly at


Here are the 0000-28s specs:

• 0000 body with 12 fret neck
• sitka top with adi braces (golden era)
• east indian rosewood back and sides
• belly bridge
• waverly tuners
• 1 3/4 nut
• 24.8 scale length

The exclusive retailer for worldwide sales is Bob Willcutt, phone 859-276-0675.



How to buy a WoodSongs QUAD 0000-28s:

CLICK ON THE WILLCUTT LOGO to see and hear the Martin promo clip (3 minutes) for the new guitar:

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Call Bob Wilcutt (859) 276-0675 today about the WoodSongs QUAD 28s and ask how you can own one of the finest finger-picking, song writing, stage performing, front-porch-strumming instruments in guitar history. Visit for details.


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