Several folks have written and asked me about the bronze star I wear the lower part of my jacket.

Let me explain:

My father died about five days before I was born. My step father was a very fine man, but when I found out about my real dad when I was 12 years old, he became a striking mystery to me. As I grew up, I found that I missed him greatly, wished he was nearby, longed to know what the sound of his voice was like when he called my name.

The very first male relative I met of my father’s was my son, MichaelB. When he was born and finally opened his eyes, I saw … for the very first time … a reflection of my own father.

Eventually I went on a search for my dad’s past and his family and finally found them. My cousin, Laddie, became very proactive in seeking out a few belongings and artifacts of my dad.

One of them was my father’s bronze star.

I do not wear it on my chest as the star is not mine. I put it on my lower jacket as a tribute to my father. I wear it, not as a military or political statement, not as a pro or con statement of any kind. I wear it in honor of my father who earned it. It let’s him be with me when I am on stage … and I find it comforting.

I always wondered what our relationship would be like. Would he like me? Would he be proud of me? Would we be close as a father and son should be?

All I know is this: if I was to leave this life I would hope my sons would love me enough to publicly remember me and be proud of me. This I am doing for my father.