Coming May 2018


MoonFire: The Banjo Album

The banjo came to us from Africa, the musical instrument of black slaves … and soon became the instrument of white men wearing black face. Eventually a fifth string was added and it became the instrument of white people playing bluegrass music.

I guess the point is the banjo is an instrument of all people, born from pain and struggle and then ended up on the front porches of working people, relaxing in the evening as the sun went down.

I love the banjo, I love where it came from and I love what it represents. Most of all, I love the way it sounds. To me the banjo is more than just a bluegrass or folk instrument, it is a songwriter’s tool and one of the most adventurous musical colors possible. This is an album of songs that I enjoy picking on my front porch … perhaps presented in an unexpected musical canvas, but that’s the way we roll ‘round here. mj



RECORD FINDERS review, Los Angeles CA:

<<<Release From Michael Johnathon. “Moonfire: The Banjo Album” on Poetman Records from 2018 features 22 plus 1 Bonus Track.

This is undoctored pure Traditional Folk & Bluegrass Music. If you’re a lover of this genre of music, playing this CD will be as if you’ve had an out out of body experience! Top tracks: The Title Track, “In The Evening”, “Summertime” which was recorded ‘Live’, “BAN-Jokes” also recorded ‘Live’. It should be noted Michael has covered a lot of ground in his career….Here’s just a few: Songwriter, Producer, Author, Playwright, Promoter and so much more! The big surprise here is that he has never made the Billboard charts??? Never nominated for a Grammy???, but he has a serious following of loyal fans and this album is further proof as to why! Oh! For those who like to ‘Burn’ CD’s there’s a note on the the CD that says ‘If you pirate a copy of this CD please donate $5 to a local food bank’. Sold to a customer in Florida who found this in our Amazon Store>>>



SPECIAL GUESTS include Sam Bush, John McEuen, Raymond McLain, John Cowan, Rob Ickes and more

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SAMPLE the title instrumental MOONFIRE


SAMPLE “Darlin’ Corey” … probably the world’s most in-tuned banjo recording 🙂


THE SONGS (*denote original compositions)

MoonFire  *
In the Evening
Darlin’ Corey
Over the Mountain
Summertime Live
East Virginia Blues
BAN-Jokes * Live
Mousie HiWay *
How Can I Keep from Singing Live
Ballad of Bojangles with John McEuen
Autumn Song *
MichaelB Rag * with Sam Bush & John Cowan
Flowers * with Sam Bush
The Baghdad Breakdown *
Heritage *
Go, Laddy, Go *
Apology Song * with John McEuen
Little Maggie
SongFarmers Front Porch Rockin’ Chair Rag *
Taco Bell’s Pee-Shooter *
Front Porch Swing *
Cosmic Banjo *